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Resource Acquisitions & Metadata Services


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Life Sciences Building - Suite 1924


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15-19 hrs/wk


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Senior Clerk


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Under the supervision of the Head of Monographs Acquisitions, the Monograph Student Assistant provides critical support to the work of the Print Acquisitions team and the mission of the UCLA Library. Our department manages the ordering, receiving, and invoicing activities for seven of the UCLA campus libraries and oversees the transportation of materials between 15 campus locations. Each year we process approximately 438,000 domestic and international monographs and serials and our department continually strives to increase the number of vital information resources we are able to acquire for our community members.

The Monograph Student Assistant will assist with various tasks as part of the daily work of the Monographs team and take part in special projects when necessary. Regular activities will include, but not be limited to, unpacking and sorting into precise order incoming book shipments; creating bibliographic, holdings, and order records in the Library’s integrated library system; providing physical processing (such as property stamps and/or security strips) to received books; and forwarding material to next appropriate Library location. Tasks assigned as part of special projects will vary with project goals, training, and supervision provided at the beginning of each unique undertaking.


A. Monograph Materials Receiving

A1. Open boxes and packages from monograph vendors, placing material in precise order as indicated on invoices and/or packing lists. Photocopy, scan, or print from online vendor system(s) the appropriate number of invoices for each new incoming shipment.

A2. Place newly-received items in receiving area(s) following established guidelines. Maintain organization and cleanliness of receiving area(s).

A3. Create bibliographic, holdings, purchase order, and invoice records in Alma, as needed.

A4. Update new or existing records to reflect receipt and in process status.

A5. Identify duplicate, incorrect, or damaged items and shipments. Forward problem items of this type and relevant information to direct supervisor for resolution.

A6. Complete appropriate workform(s), produce record print-out(s), when necessary, and forward items for shelving, physical processing, and/or cataloging.


B. Physical Processing

B1. Apply property stamps and security strips to books as indicated by shelving location and processing guidelines.

B2. Organize and maintain cleanliness of carts of new material to ensure proper prioritization of work.

B3. Create workforms or processing flags as directed. Forward requests to re-stock or for additional equipment to supervisor. Maintain organization and cleanliness of physical processing supplies.


C. Special Projects

C1. Participate in team or department special project efforts, following established guidelines or procedures as outlined by supervisor or project manager.

C2. Report problems or challenges in completing project tasks along with all relevant information to supervisor or project management for problem resolution.


Required Skills
and Knowledge

1. Ability to get to work reliably and on time.

2. Ability to be present in the workplace during normal working hours.

3. Ability to initiate and maintain cooperative working relationships with
co-workers, supervisors, and managers.

4. Ability to work with co-workers, supervisors, and managers harmoniously and cooperatively and as a team player.

5. Ability to follow directions from supervisors.

6. Attention to detail, demonstrated capacity for carrying out tasks in an accurate manner, and ability to check own work for accuracy.

7. Ability to provide excellent customer service as reflected in skills that promote harmonious and effective communication with all levels of Library colleagues.

8. Ability to successfully complete projects within set timelines.

9. Demonstrated sound judgment and ability to work independently.

10. Ability to lift, shelve, and shift library materials weighing up to 30 pounds, and to push a fully-loaded book truck.

11. Ability to analyze data in online records to identify exact matches, deviations, and discrepancies. Ability to discern whether and when assistance is required from supervisor or other appropriate staff.

12. Excellent written communication skills to compose a variety of documents that are logical, concise, and grammatically correct and include relevant statistics and data when required. Editorial skills to review and correct correspondence and reports for grammar, spelling, syntax, and content.

13. Excellent oral communication skills, specifically to interact effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and
to effectively convey information clearly and distinctly using appropriate grammar and vocabulary to individuals and in group settings.


Preferred Skills
and Knowledge

Working knowledge of second language and/or ability to interpret basic bibliographic information.



The Monograph Student Assistant will work independently under the supervision of the Head of Monographs Acquisitions. Performance will be reviewed, and feedback provided, informally on an ongoing basis.


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